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america this morning. >> have a great wednesday, everybody. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a deadly and to a victory rally for the new premier of quebec. a shooting killed one person and wounded another. >> i have seen firsthand that big president does not change who you are. it reveals who you are. >> my mother fought hard for civil rights so that instead of a mop i could hold this microphone. it's time for democrats to stand up for what we believe.
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let the democratic national convention kicks off with a series of powerful speakers including first lady michelle obama. good morning, washington. it's wednesday, september 5. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. glad to be with you. let's get a check on the forecast for a meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. 4:31. excuse me. i am battling a cold. a few areas of light rain in the potomac highlands and west virginia, parts of maryland, south of interstate 68, so mainly west virginia and the potomac. there will be a few more showers and storms this afternoon. it's going to be and humid day. is 75 degrees. now in degrees a few isolated downpours possible this afternoon and evening. 89 degrees today for the high temperature, partly cloudy today
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and the next few days with highs in the low 90's,. back to you. >> thank you. let's start with the beltway near university boulevard. no delays right now. one lane was getting by. there's a new traffic configuration in the long term work zone. it changed overnight. both sides of the beltway, the long term work zone is now three lanes to the right and one lane to the left on the inner loop at university boulevard and new hampshire. it's just a different pattern starting today. ongoing bbuild work continues. 95 and 395, hov lanes are open all the way from dumphries and to the 14th street bridge. no accidents or incidents. most of the road where it is out of the way. we did have an earlier accident on the inner loop at braddock road that's now gone.
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back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, one person was killed and another wounded during the shooting at a midnight victory rally for the new premier of quebec. >> she was removed from the stage. the shooter is a 50-year-old man. he shouted, "the english are waking up." he says a small fire behind the building before he was arrested. date to of the democratic national convention in charlotte. former president bill clinton will give the stage tonight. >> this follows an opening night filled with powerful speakers. scott thuman and gordon peterson are in charlotte with highlights. >> the first lady knocked them dead at this convention. >> last night for democrats hoping they could keep this thing off in style. the enthusiasm that they really needed to garner in this election campaign, they got what
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they were hoping for. >> the first lady discussed her misgivings about living in a glass bubble. clearly, she wants to hang on to the job. the president does not show his hand very often. here's michelle obama talking about her husband's love for their daughters. >> here is the same man when our girls were first born would anxiously checked their cribs every few minutes to ensure there were still breathing. proudly showing them off to everyone he knew. that's the man was it's down with me and our girls for dinner nearly every night, patiently answering questions about issues in the news, strategizing about the middle school friendships. [laughter] that's the man i see in those quiet moments late at night and hunched over his desk, poring
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over the letters people and sent him. >> of course, michelle obama's approval ratings are higher than her husband's. who missing from the speech? >> any mention of mitt romney, the man her husband is running against. don't be fooled. this was a speech at times about separating the two of them. the democratic party continues to try to paint mitt romney as a man who istoo privileged to relate to the common man, the middle-class voter they are going after so strongly. we heard references throughout the speech thatof obama's tom will beginnings. >> even back then when barack obama was a senator and presidential candidate he was still the guy who picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusty that i could actually see the pavement going by in a
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hole in the passenger side door. he was the guy whose proudest possession was a coffee table he found in a dumpster. [laughter] is only a pair of decent shoes was a half size too small. >> we know that was going to be there. clever to do that without mentioning mitt romney. >> they were also going after the women's vote last night. lot of speeches by women. and and a great keynote address by the mayor of san antonio. and tonight is bill clinton. >> a lot of people are looking forward to that. a lot of delegates said that was the one thing they're looking forward to besides barack obama's speech. >> tuesday night the white house released a photograph of president obama and his daughters watching mrs. obama's speech in charlotte. later today the president heads
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to charlotte for the convention. we invite you to stay with abc 7 news and for continuing coverage. scott thuman and gordon peterson will have reports throughout the week. >> the republican ticket also hard at work. mitt romney preparing for this first debate. paul ryan campaigning in iowa on tuesday. >> of virginia soldier is one of the latest casualties of the afghan war. 28-year-old sapfa sergeant dunne jonathan schmitz of petersburg was killed during a firefight -- 28-year-old staff sgt jonathan schmitt. and baby seals killed in afghanistan will be laid to rest today. patrick feeks of edgewater will be buried this afternoon at the fort myers memorial chapel. -- he will be there will be a memorial
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for him at fort myers memorial chapel and then he will be buried at arlington national. >> officials are getting rid of trees through friday between norwood drive and cumberland avenue during the daytime to keep the old trees from falling on cars, but it means one lane of wisconsin avenue will be closed. >> pickup trucks are driving u.s. automobile sales. >> and fedex delivers bad news on the economy. linda bell has more. >> good morning. the u.s. government is still bleeding money. the treasury department says it just hit $16 trillion for the first time ever. republicans and democrats continue to debate on ways to trim the deficit. 10 years ago but that was just over $6 trillion.
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fedex has slowing economic growth hurting demand. fedex it moves goods all over the globe and is a bellwether for the economy. automobile sales are picking up. pickup trucks carry u.s. auto sales to their highest level in years, led by ford. firliving social has a daily deal letting starbucks drinkers double their money. amazon may show off three new devices this week. more on that in the next hour. for now that's business news at bloomberg headquarters in new york. linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 4:39, 76 degrees. >> it the day that the nfl fans have been waiting for, the start of the regular season. but it will be a little different on the field this time
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> turning to the aftermath of hurricane isaac. the army corps of engineers says it's going to look into whether fortified defenses around new orleans pushed floodwaters into outlying areas. >> the investigation was saw
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foought for by people who feel forgotten. >> 4:42 is the time. let's check in with adam caskey >> . it's going to be warm and muggy again today. you will notice the humidity as you step outside early this morning. look at a few light showers off to the west of washington mainly in west virginia and along the potomac river in the potomac highlands. moseley south of interstate 68 in western maryland. eyes will be in the upper 80s today, near 90 degrees in spots. a mix of sun and clouds. stray showers possible this morning. american action at lunchtime. we cannot rule out a few thundershowers this afternoon and maybe a few isolated downpours later on today. you could have localized flash flooding. the next few days, low 90's and partly cloudy.
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now to steve. >> 395 at duke street moving pretty well. there was overnight construction in both directions, but it's pretty good right now. no delays from springfield to the 14th street bridge. over to the beltway near new hampshire avenue, springfield looks good as well. no problems northbound or southbound on 95. that looks good. to the beltway at new hampshire avenue there's a new traffic pattern on the outer loop. the work zone is a different configuration. three lanes to the right and one lane to the left will get you by. no delays on the inner loop or outer loop right now. back to you. >> thank you. the airports authority board of directors will discuss how to repair the agency's image when it meets today. the image has been battered by reports of insider contracts and lavish travel spending. members are expected to begin talks about a new ethics policy. they will discuss a contract
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with the men in power for electricity on the silver line >> . the regular nfl season kicks off between the cowboys and the giants tonight. it will also feature replacement officials because the referee association was locked out in early june. talks on a new collective bargaining agreement have gone nowhere. replacements have been used throughout the preseason with mixed results. the nfl says the league is prepared to use the replacements as much as necessary and the training will continue with each crew. 4:45 on this wednesday morning. >> we are learning more about the public memorial service for astronaut neil armstrong. learn w
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>> welcome back. we're getting a look at surveillance video that led to charges against a prince
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george's county police officer. corporal donald taylor is seen hitting 19-year-old ryan dorm in the face with his service weapon. you can also see taylor's gun go off. taylor and his partner said that they saw the man and his friend enter a store and bought a robbery was about to happen. taylor wrote in his original report that the teenager had reached for about an. correct he played on community stereotypes that this young black person was a menace. >> the incident happened in february in brentwood. dorm spent four months in jail. the officer was charged with several crimes after the surveillance video and the young man was cleared of all crimes. now he's suing the police department and the officer for $10 million. was another violent attacks in southeast d.c. a man was attacked and robbed early yesterday morning on north
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carolina avenue. the victim was able to get home and call police. the incident happened four blocks america a 29-year-old was brutally attacked last month. investigators are looking for similarities. >> new developments in the case of a local man praised as a hero during the derecho but is now accused of sexual misconduct. in july he performed cpr on a teenager who came into contact with electric wires. the teenager who later died. he was accused of soliciting sex from a 12-year-old girl that he met on line. he met her at a park. >> he asked that they go out to dinner or get a drink or something where she would have to show an id. the girl's family said that he pointed a gun at them during a car chase. his lawyers say that he displayed a gun after he was
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threatened. a preliminary hearing is set for october. >> dozens of people gathered to remember grandmother and grandson killed in a drunk driving crash in manassas. family and friends held a vigil for them and to say that they both died in 2009 when william mallory killed them when driving drunk after a a jimmy buffett concert. he was released a few months ago. >> all the dreams that i once haid are completely taken from me. he has his life back and i don't. >> the woman and her nephew survived the crash and called on people to think before getting out and drinking and driving. a public memorial service for neil armstrong will be held september 13 at the national cathedral. he was the first man to walk on the moon. he died last saturday at the age
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of 82. the memorial service will be open to the public on a first- come first-served basis. reservations must be made through nasa. it's wednesday morning >> . we're giving you a chance to win and that. learn
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>> welcome back. catlett seg i to adam caskey
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once again. >> it will be a little unsettled later on today, like the past couple days with the views thundershowers. there will be isolated downpours, but nothing widespread later on today. let's look at live super doppler 7. already a few showers in west virginia moving towards the shenandoah valley and along the potomac and south of 68 in western maryland and west virginia. 70's again to start the day. you will feel the humidity. 78 in arlington, 75 la plata, 76 in olney 89 this afternoon partly cloudy conditions. a few thundershowers especially in the afternoon and evening. it's going to be hot the next few days. low 90's and partly cloudy. weekend could feature a few showers here and there, especially late on saturday and early on sunday. at your forecast. now to steve. >> we will start with the beltway at new hampshire avenue,
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just clearing the road work a couple minutes ago. everything is open. now with three lanes to the right to get by and one lane to the left but now they're open. springfield is moving well. no problems on 95 or 395 in hov lanes or the main lanes. back to you. >> thank you. 7 is on your side with details on a free physical offered by dr. oz. >> he is offering free 15-minute physicals to the first went thousand eligible people caught. information gathered will be used to give him a health report card on the district for. the physical takes place today from 8:00 a.m. and still up 4:00 p.m. at the adams building and our university. he has an upcoming show featuring michelle obama. she will discuss your "let's move" campaign.
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the episode will air on september 14. >> you have a few more days to sign up for this week's facebook contest. >> we giving away a new ipad once again. you have until friday afternoon to sign up. we will announce the winner on monday. that's happening right here on "good morning washington." >> that will be exciting for someone. steamy 76 degrees. there's more to come. new competition in the presidential race. find. -- excuse us, while we change into
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something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle.
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